Truck and Equipment Repair Services

Truck and Equipment Repair of Texas is proud to maintain a reputation as one of the best truck equipment service and repair centers in the greater Houston area. We offer services for your fleet vehicles, work trucks, and personal trucks, and our certified professionals can ensure that your liftgates, flatbeds, cranes, hoists, and service bodies are in perfect working order. We know that your business is only as efficient as the tools and vehicles that you use, and we offer a variety of services that keep your employees on the road and servicing customers. Check out a list of our services below and be sure to click on the links for more detailed information.


Our team of certified professionals can provide you with installation for any of the parts that you order. As an official dealer for brands like Tommy Gate, Maxon, RKI, Warner Bodies, and Venturo, we work closely with these companies to ensure that your installation is up to the highest industry standards and specifications.

White Service Body Truck


The repair team at TER Texas is the best in Houston, and we specialize in a variety of repairs to satisfy your every need. We know that equipment failure costs you time and money, and we’re here to ensure that your company has the least amount of down time possible. If you need a repair on your liftgate, flatbed, tool box, or service body, give us a call today.


If your equipment is old and in need of a face lift, then look no further than our team of certified professionals to give you the boost you need. Our refurbishment professionals will ensure that your truck accessories are made to be like new, and in fantastic working order so that you can provide the best service to your customers.

White Service Body Truck

Paint & Body

TER Texas is fully prepared to tackle body repairs on your fleet vehicles so that you can get back up and running. We know that your business is serving customers, and you can only do that when your truck accessories are at 100%. We also specialize in auto body painting. If you want your work trucks to stand out, look no further than Truck and Equipment Repair of Texas.