A truck mounted air compressor is like taking your workshop with you to job sites. If you’re tired of towing around that bulky portable air compressor from job to job, then let Truck and Equipment Repair of Texas install one on your utility truck for you. We can provide you with a variety of different sizes, including extended duty and continuous duty, and we can mount your compressor in the most convenient place for you. If your business requires tools that need an air compressor on the jobsite, then there really is no other way to go. Be ahead of the game with a truck mounted air compressor.

Quality Air Compressors

The brands that we work with have been in business for years, and they are unmatched in quality as well as durability. Our professional installation team will ensure that your new air compressor is working exactly the way that you need it and is as convenient as possible. TER Texas is dedicated to helping you be as efficient as possible with your tools and equipment on the jobsite so that your customers are satisfied.

Truck mounted air compressors

If you’ve been wasting space for years in your van or service body lugging around your portable air compressor, and you’re tired of it, then now is the time to make a change.

A truck mounted air compressor is the best way to free up organizational space in your truck or van, and it gives you more room to store your tools and work efficiently. The compressor will run off of the power provided by your truck and using it will be simple and effortless. Give your truck or van the power of your workshop by giving us a call today.